About Us

We're a working winery housed in a historic warehouse in the northern part of Over the Rhine.  Our wines are inspired by the deep heritage of the region, paying homage to the roots that were once here...  

Skeleton Root

During the mid-1800’s, Cincinnati's hilltops were lined with vineyards, just before the urban core began to light up with industry.  Winemaker Nicholas Longworth knew these hills, this earth, and its potential, making it the largest grape and wine producing region in the country during that time.

With well-chosen grapes, clean casks, and dedicated hands, we chose to honor Longworth’s dream of making Cincinnati one of the greatest wine-producing regions by bringing discovery to fruition, respecting the grape, and bringing wine making back to its roots in urban industry.

Our discovery in wine reflects our discoveries of this city. The Skeleton Root pays tribute to this city's timeless urban heritage of growth and industry, to the earth of the hilltop vineyards where Longworth first planted his Catawba grapes, and to a neighborhood called Over-the-Rhine, where wine was bound to return.


Longworth's vineyards recorded in Harper's Weekly . 24 July 1858

“We live in a great age. Discoveries are daily made that confound us, and we know not where we shall stop[...]; but I fear the discovery will not be brought to perfection in time to answer my purpose, and I must leave the subject with the young generation.” - Nicholas Longworth, in a letter to the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, 1846